Ample Fire

by toyboat toyboat toyboat

Released 2013
Failing Records
Released 2013
Failing Records
Featuring an original blend of punk, avant-pop, Afro-Brazilian, funk, prog, new wave, and electronic dance music, each song is completely unlike any of the others: Fugazi meets Miles, Rose Royce meets batucada, Sun Ra meets Devo!
toyboat toyboat toyboat combines the heavy intensity of punk with catchy, quirky melodies reminiscent of the golden years of be-bop, along with rhythms from Brazil and the Balkans. The music is unique but accessible, and always unpredictable.

Audience members have remarked that it sounds like "Fugazi meets Miles," “Afrobeat meets Melvins," "Zappa meets Beastie Boys" and "Sun Ra meets Devo."

The instrumentation is unusual, but the results will make you boogie and mosh like any …
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