Before I saw these comparisons, I had one of my own worked out for describing this unique group: “Early Mr. Bungle shakes hands with Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi and dances the funky-chicken with the Pop Group."

Local treasures (and I utilize idioms like that sparingly) Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat are an example of a band whose aesthetic is totally in line with its music: The ensemble's caffeinated, off-kilter brand of prog-pop—which manages to be both catchy and unsettling in equal doses—is reflected lucidly in the way they promote themselves. The band's weirdness has reached its logical, insane apex with the release of their forthcoming record, which will see its debut tonight not as a disc, but in the form of a LEGO set representing the band. Member Danny Norton's figurine will house a USB drive containing a digital copy of the record in addition to some "extra goodies." I can only imagine.

Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat have been a formidable staple of Portland's experimental rock scene for some time now. Boasting the less-than-usual configuration of bass, drums, trumpet, and keyboards, the group toe the barely existent line between all-out prog depravity and geometric danceability, best highlighted on the group's latest release, 2013's Ample Fire EP. The result is phenomenally dense pop music comparable to Adrian Belew or Zappa at his least masturbatory—it's undeniably palatable, but perhaps most rewarding for the closet prog dorks among us (hear, hear!). Tonight the group headlines an all-ages bill at the newish instrument store Mothership Music.

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